Hey everyone!

Since the world has changed a lot in less than a week, I’ve decided to do a comic about the subject. I know Ponto brings you a lot of joy. As an artist, I feel it’s my job to keep creating art that will lift your spirits during the tough time.

As for me and my fellow artists, the situation is also quite difficult. Spring was so promising for Ponto with lots of exciting events and projects but it all fell apart in a few days. All my events are getting cancelled or postponed one after the other. These events are not only the opportunity to meet you and share Ponto but are also an important chunk of my income. I wish to keep creating and sharing Ponto’s webcomic and social media for free so I’m trying to find new ways for you to support my work from a distance if you want. For the moment please know that my etsy store is still open, unless Canada Post decides to stop their operations  I’ve also added a PDF version of Ponto Volume 1 if you wish to read it on your mobile device during your quarantine!

It’s been awhile that some of you have been asking for it so, I’m currently setting up my Patreon page! If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a platform that gives you the opportunity to support your favourite artists on a monthly basis. In exchange for a few bucks you get access to exclusive content and perks (early access to comics, work in progress, discounts on merch…etc)! I will launch it sometime around next week! In the meantime keep sharing Ponto with your family and network!

For now, yes it is a stressful situation for everyone! But if we do what we have to do and stay positive, we’ll get through this together! Stay safe everyone! 🙂