Hopeful and mischievous, Ponto decided to follow his dream and to go live in Montreal, the city of eternal roadwork. He does his best to keep Montrealers safe and improve the city one pothole at a time


He was chosen by Boss to be Ponto’s mentor. Even though he doesn’t smile much and his a bit cynical, Gerald is good worker and never breaks the rules. He has a soft spot for coffee!


A suburban cone from the South Shore, Kiko comes to work as an intern for the City of Montreal to please her parents. Her dream is to be hired on major condo projects because she thinks she can make a fortune quickly. Beneath her princess looks, she likes action and doing things her own way.


A Montrealer at heart, Shingo is a stylish traffic light and an outstanding prankster. He also doesn’t hesitate to scold drivers who tend to be too impatient. Shingo will become one of Ponto’s best friends.

Mr. Turcot

M. Turcot is a freeway interchange located in the South-West borough of Montreal. Everyday he carries millions of vehicles on his back. A few years ago, he started showing signs of pre-matured fatigue and the Ministry of Transportation decided that it was time for him to retire. Unfortunately no one can agree about who should take on Mr. Turcot’s job. Besides that, with all his wisdom, He stays patient and works hard everyday. Ponto often comes to ask him for advice.