Ponto is the story of a little road barrel who decides to leave his hometown along highway 30 to fulfill his dream to live in Montreal, an amazing big city where infrastructure and road work projects are a daily struggle. With his legendary optimism, Ponto will do his best to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, but he will soon discover that life in Montreal won’t be an easy one and that many crazy adventures await!

This comic is a humorous response tinted with innocence to the frustration experienced by Montrealers towards the never ending construction and road repairs in the city. Unfortunately the “orange cone” has become the symbol of this frustrating situation but, Ponto will surely make you rediscover your city and fall in love with Montreal again.

Since Ponto started his adventures in 2013, he became a beloved character not only in Montreal but also across the world since construction is a universal subject. He has been traveling to over 30 countries to meet his traffic cone relatives. You can follow his travels and daily life on social media and especially on Instagram.

Ponto in the Press:

Newspapers and blogs:

Lancement d’une bande dessinée relatant
les aventures d’un cône orange

Gabriel Beauchemin, 24h Montréal, 2019

Découvrez la conceptrice derrière
le petit cône orange Ponto

Isabelle Vallée, Les bons plans, 2019

Montreal’s unofficial cartoon mascot,
Ponto gets a book

Sarah Leavitt, CBC Montreal, 2019

Ponto aura sa bande dessinée imprimée
Justine Gravel, Journal de Montréal, 2018

Ponto aura son livre
Nadia Lemieux, Journal Métro, 2018

PoL’amour inavoué des Québécois pour les cônes orange
Katia Tobar, Le Devoir, 2018

EMBLÈME: Les cônes oranges
Isabelle Grégoire – L’EXPRESS Hors-série Juin 2017, Paris

Portrait 375BIXI
Stories MTL, 2017

Where construction season tastes like passion fruit
CBC Montréal, 2016

Un cône orange pour aimer Montréal
Bruno Bisson – La Presse, 2016

Des travaux à la mode
Louis-Philippe Messier – Journal 24h, 2016

5 objets que les amoureux de Montréal devront
se procurer

Améli Pineda – Journal 24h, 2016

Un cône orange qui vous veux du bien
Judith Plamondon – Journal de Montréal, 2015

Le seul cône orange qui vous fera sourire! 
Étienne Leblanc – Radio-Canada, 2015

Today’s watercolor: Ponto and Shingo! 
Alice Volkmar – Super Happy Awesome, 2014

Dreamers Interview Series – Tania Mignacca
Stéphanie Noël – A Truth Universally Acknowledged, 2014

Je vous présente Tania et Ponto
Martin Bérubé – Propos Montréal, 2013

Meet Ponto, Montréal’s unofficial mascot
Erik Leijon – CULT #MTL, 2013

Trouvaille web: Ponto
Jean-Dominic Leduc – Journal de Montréal ,2013

Ponto on the radio :

Entrevue avec Tania Mignacca
MR-63 EP5, CHOQ.ca

Interview about Ponto
The Barry Morgan Show,
witrh Trudie Mason – CJAD 800AM

Je blogue Montréal
Le 15-18,
animée par Maxime Coutié
ICI Radio-Canada Première

Entrevue avec Tania Mignacca
J’aime Montréal,
animée par Louise-Marie Bouchard-
CIBL 101.5 FM

Change ta Ville – Chronique d’Étienne Leblanc
Le 15-18,
animée par Michel C Auger-
ICI Radio-Canada Première

l’anniversaire du cône orange (vers 15:05min)
C’est pas trop tôt, animée par Marie-France Bazzo –
ICI Radio-Canada Première

Ponto on TV:

The orange cone that could
by Melina Giubilaro- January 3rd 2019
CityNews Montreal

The illustrator
Montreal storytellers Episode 1- November 19th 2018
What’s up Montreal

Montreal comic artist brings
Ponto to ComicCon
CBC News Montreal – July 8th 2018
CBC Montreal

What’s On
with Christine Long – June 3rd 2018
CTV Montreal

Ma Curieuse Cité
chronique d’Ariane Pilon – December 13th 2016

Ma Liste à moi – Alexandre Despatie
Animée par Christine Michaud – October 1st 2016

animée par Katerine-Lune Rollet -September 28th 2015

Points of sale

Places where you can purchase official Ponto merchandise.


KitschÀ l’Os
3439 rue Hochelaga, Montreal, Quebec
Artpop Montréal
129 avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, Québec
Librairie Crossover Comics
3560 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, Québec
L’euguélionne, Librairie féministe
1426 rue Beaudry, Montréal, Québec
Planète BD
4077 rue St Denis, Montréal, Québec

Tania Mignacca, the author

Illustrator and graphic designer her work is mainly inspired by Japanese culture and Montreal’s industrial heritage. Specializing in print design, she enjoys mixing traditional and digital techniques to create warm and textured illustrations. In her free time, she likes to go for a walk and photograph the unusual panorama of the city.

Take a look at her portfolio!