I don’t usually talk about personal stuff but I feel I need to do so. I still haven’t been able to get back into my Facebook account. I’ve been struggling with a lot of stress and anxiety lately because of it. I feel drained and tired. I’m trying not to make it affect my work, but it’s really difficult. I would like to thank everyone who’ve been sending me messages of support and comfort. It means a lot to me. Ponto and I are lucky to have fans like you. On a bright note, I managed to get in touch with someone who might be able to help but I need to be patient. I really hope this gets resolved soon. I want to put this behind me and keep going forward with Ponto.


I currently lost access to my Facebook and I can only publish to Ponto’s page through Instagram but I can’t access my private messages… I tried everything to recover it but no luck yet… Everything seemed in order so I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch from their side… In the meantime, If you need to contact me please do so by  email  I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

You can still follow Ponto’s Instagram and Twitter.

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