Hey everyone! So it seems I have good news and bad news concerning the book… First of all, the good news is… THE BOOK IS 99.9% READY!!! The bad news is that my printer is CLOSED FOR THE CONSTRUCTION HOLIDAY!!! Well I guess it fits with the whole Ponto theme! XD Anyways, I should be able to send it at the beginning of next week and it won’t take much time for me to get it once it’s done! It’s almost there! 🙂

We’re so excited! On Saturday we’ll be at the Matsuri Japon festival! It’s the biggest event in Montreal to discover and celebrate Japanese culture! Come and see us at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montréal! All the info here: https://festivaljapon.com/

The book is now on presale on Etsy!

A little bit more patience! It’s coming soon!
We are finally making the final layout and the book will be printing within the next 2 weeks!

You missed the preorder campaign? Well you can now preorder your copy of Ponto’s first book on our Etsy store!