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La Dame se refait une beauté

Collaboration with the Montreal South-West Borough

Ponto rencontre la DameLe sondagePonto a hâte aux ateliers

Mr. Turcot and the Tannery Village

M. Turcot

Ponto the real superhero of Montreal

Ponto et la pinte

Habitat 67

Ponto et habitat 67

Happy New Year 2015

ponto 2015

Farine Five Roses

Ponto Five Roses

Matsuri Japon 2014

Ponto matsuri

Happy New Year 2014


Happy Holidays 2013


Ask Ponto

200 “Likes” edition

Ask Ponto r200

Ponto and Denis Coderre

The new Mayor of Montreal


Municipal elections 2013

Ponto is posing with the mayoral candidates


Montreal Canadians!



 That’s a hell of a pothole!

The giant sinkhole corner St-Catherine and Guy streets!

ponto le niddepoule

Lâches pas M. Turcot

(Don’t give up Mr. Turcot)
Lire MTL
 2013 contest entry

Turcot page 1Turcot page 2Turcot page 3